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Diversity & Inclusion

The faculty and staff of the University of New Mexico College of Nursing strive for students to experience an inclusive educational environment. Openness and respect for the diverse backgrounds and communities from which we each come enhances insight and learning. Therefore, we ask students to participate in conversations that raise the awareness of and respect for different ways of being and thinking. We invite you to please speak with the course instructor or another faculty member if you experience discomfort with comments made in the classroom online learning environment, or other educational setting. Practicing these values enables us as a community of learners to be respectful of everyone.

Diversity and Inclusion Task Force

“The vision of the College of Nursing is to develop solutions for the most important nursing challenges pertaining to human health and health equity in our communities through education, scholarship, practice, and service.” One of the programmatic goals which has been identified to realize our vision is: “Diversify the College of Nursing to increase representation to better reflect the communities we serve across the state of New Mexico.”

In order to address diversity within the college, the CON Diversity and Inclusion Task Force was created to advance the HSC mission, vision and goal to nurture and embrace an environment of diversity, integrity and transparency. Our goal is to develop and implement ongoing strategies that enhance an environment of acceptance and inclusion to promote the well being of faculty, students and staff.

This is congruent with the University of New Mexico Vision of Strength through Diversity: “We lift up our cultural and ethnic diversity as the unique strategic advantage it is, providing the environment in which our students learn with one another to generate new knowledge that helps the world’s people leverage and celebrate the value of difference.” It also echoes the University Health Science Center’s Vision 2020, the Strategic Plan that “focuses on improving the state’s population’s health and health equity as a measure of the institution’s success.” Because New Mexico is a majority minority state, the health of the population requires that issues of diversity and inclusion are embraced and effectively addressed.

We have provided links to the UNM campus-wide organizations that support diverse groups within the university community, and that also provide tools and resources for addressing some of the issues that may arise as we seek to increase the culture of inclusion at the College. If you would like more information about the task force please contact Amy Levi, Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair at