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MPH Dual Degree Programs

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Email for more information about dual degree programs at UNM College of Population Health.

Enroll in a dual degree program through The University of New Mexico College of Population Health and other UNM institutions. You'll earn a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree and another degree faster than you would earn them separately.

Dual MPH Degree Programs

Maximize your career opportunities when you complete one of these programs:

You must meet all requirements for both degrees. You may share no more than six hours from each field between the two programs.

Individual Dual Degrees

To create an individual dual degree, write your reasoning and list the requirements for both degrees and shared credits. Send your document to the following people, who all must approve it:

  • Director of Graduate Education in the UNM College of Population Heath
  • Director or chair of the other department
  • Student advisors from both the college and the department

You must complete both degrees in the same semester.

Requirements for Doctoral Students

If you're in a doctoral program, you may pursue a public health degree under these conditions:

  • You have written permission from the doctoral program.
  • You present a self-managed curriculum to the director of graduate programs and formally receive admission to the master of public health degree program.
  • You will complete all requirements for the master's degree within seven years.
  • You will complete the doctorate within five years. If more time is needed to complete the master's degree than the doctoral degree. In that case, the dean of Graduate Studies must approve a program of studies for the master's degree before you receive the doctoral degree.