Translational Laboratory: Full Service Sample Testing

This service is available for investigators who have short deadlines with minimal staffing available, long-term projects with minimal staffing available, current staff isn’t trained in particular technique, or would prefer the CTSC T-Laboratory expert staff to perform testing. All reagents, test kits, and consumables are provided by the CTSC T-Laboratory. Investigator provides the necessary sample type and volume for test requested.

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Test / Service Type / Sample Type

Test / Service Type / Sample Type

Adiponectin: ELISA - serum

VEGF: ELISA - serum

BDNF: ELISA - serum

BioPlex: 3-Plex - plasma, serum* (standard analytes)

Cortisol: ELISA - salivary

BioPlex: 4-Plex - plasma, serum*


BioPlex: 6-Plex - plasma, serum* (standard analytes)

Caloproctectin - stool

BioPlex: 8-Plex - plasma, serum* (standard analytes)

Drug Screen - urine

BioPlex: 18-Plex - plasma, serum* (standard analytes)

Estradiol/Progesterone - serum

BioPlex: 25-Plex - plasma, serum* (standard analytes)

FGF-2: ELISA - serum

BioPlex: 27-Plex - plasma, serum* (standard analytes)

hCG - urine

GC/MS System (Low Resolution, Compound MW, Protein ID MS, Fatty Acid (PL), Free Fatty Acid)

IFN-γ: ELISA - serum

DNA Extraction - blood, cells (single sample)

IL-1rα: ELISA - serum

DNA Extraction - blood  (>10 samples)

IL-1β: ELISA - serum

DNA Extraction - saliva (>10 samples)

sIL-2rα: ELISA - serum

DNA Extraction - stool (single sample)

IL-4: ELISA - serum

DNA Extraction - stool (>10 samples)

IL-6: ELISA - serum

DNA Extraction - tissue (FFPE) (>10 samples)

IL-12(p40): ELISA - serum

RNA Extraction - blood, cells (single sample)

Leptin: ELISA - serum

RNA Extraction - blood, cells (>10 samples)


RNA Extraction - tissue (>10 samples)

NGF: ELISA - serum

miRNA Extraction - blood (single sample)

NGAL: ELISA - serum

miRNA Isolation - blood (>10 samples)

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin

SNP Genotyping*

TGF-β: ELISA - serum

Flow Cytometry**

TNF-α: ELISA - serum

Qubit and/or Quant-iT™ (high sensitivity DNA quantification)


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