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Jail Diversion Services

UNM Health System is proud to serve the Albuquerque and New Mexico communities with a Jail Diversion program, designed to divert individuals from the criminal justice system and send them to more appropriate services. These services may include:

  • Referral to psychiatric treatment.
  • Referral to substance abuse treatment.
  • Proper medical services.
  • Educational and vocational resources.
  • Other community, state and federal resources as appropriate.

Our goal is to assist our patients not only with the completion of their legal supervision but also in their recovery and the pursuit of their personal, social, educational and vocational goals.

Our Forensic Community Support Workers seek to engage individuals with mental health and/or substance abuse problems in the process of recovery through a myriad of ways including:

  • Increasing their ability to cope with mental or emotional difficulties that arise.
  • Helping them learn to independently access and maintain treatment and other necessary services.
  • Helping them develop independent living skills as well as natural social supports.

We coordinate with the criminal justice system, including pre-trial services, mental health courts, state probation and parole to assist patients who are navigating their way through the criminal justice system.

We also work with law enforcement agencies, criminal justice professionals, health care professionals and our patients and their families to promote forensic education.


All of our referrals come from the court systems when the court feels a client has a serious mental illness and can benefit from our services and psychiatric treatment.

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