My primary focus during delivering patient care is compassion. I prioritize the education of my patients and their families to make them comfortable understanding the disease process and managing epilepsy at home.  Every day, I take care of complex epilepsy referrals from all over New Mexico and some parts of the southern USA. I have the expertise of taking care of refractory epilepsy patients including drug-resistant epilepsy (DRE), autoimmune epilepsy, both lesional and non-lesional epilepsy, women with epilepsy including the time when they are pregnant, genetic epilepsy. Often time, complex epilepsy care requires multiple drug management or even epilepsy surgery, including neuromodulation, which requires epilepsy pre-surgical evaluation and monitoring for proper planningEach of my patients and their family's needs is unique. When I see a new patient, I take my time to listen to the patient and his/her familyto have complete understanding of their journey, and to educate them. This detailed discussion helps us to work as a team to fight epilepsy. I know, that taking care of an epilepsy patient at home is challenging and can be scary. Also, it is always scary and confusing to hear about epilepsy brain surgeries. So, I take my time to answer each of my patients’ questions and clarify all confusion, to make them feel comfortable taking care and make the best decision for their loved ones My job is to make sure that patients are being heard, their unique needs are being addressed and they are offered the best possible epilepsy care at our level-IV (highest level) epilepsy care center at UNM. I work with the patient and their family to achievthe goal “To live a seizure-free life, with zero/minimum side effects of epilepsy management (drugs/surgery)."