Dan Blumer, MDBloomer hiking

Medical School: Oakland University

Hometown: Michigan

Career Goals: Outpatient Pediatrics

Email: dblumer@salud.unm.edu

Why UNM is My Choice for Residency: I loved the interactions I saw among the residents and seeing that they were actually friends who did fun activities together outside of the hospital. I like the acuity we see on the floor and the learning we gain from it. I love being able to get out into the mountains even when I only have half a day to do so.

Favorite Things About UNM: The attendings are friendly, easy to work with, and care deeply about their patients.

Favorite Things About NM: I love the mountains and weather. Whenever I have a day off, it is almost guaranteed to be a nice day. I can climb, ski, go for epic (or chill) jokes with just one day off, or not even a full day. The city is very bike friendly and there are lots of great places to live close to the hospital.
There is also a golf course right by the hospital that turns into a dog park every night and it’s amazing.