Victoria Lehrmann, MDLehrmann outside

Medical School: University of Texas ‐ Houston

Hometown: Brenham, Texas (home of Bluebell ice cream!)

Career Goals: A year of general/rural pediatrics while my partner finishes fellowship and then Heme/Onc fellowship after!


Why UNM is My Choice for Residency: First, we knew this was the best place for us!

Favorite Things About UNM: I love the autonomy we get as residents here at UNM, and, coming from a medical school in a huge center which was very fellowship heavy, I specifically wanted to find a place where as a resident I would have as many opportunities as possible to practice every procedure and skill I want to be a part of my future practice. I love that the attendings let us manage the floor fairly independently, especially on nights, and that I get to interact and learn one on one with all our specialists on electives (it’s basically like being a mini-fellow, and the teaching is phenomenal!). We have wonderful relationships with all our attendings here, from outpatient to hospitalist to specialist, and they often know us each individually. We work closely with all our faculty which allows us to form a really trusting relationship with them really makes for amazing learning at all levels. Everyone, from the most prestigious and well published of our tenured professors to our wonderful new graduate attendings (people tend to want to stay, which also speaks highly) are always so willing to answer our calls and teach us new skills. There is no fear and no barrier for us to reach out which has been such a boon during my years of training here. I really am so grateful to have had this opportunity.

Favorite Things About NM: I love my super cute house (which due to the excellent cost of living I can actually AFFORD, bye forever apartment life), and nobody does sunsets like they do down here- so beautiful! Also, I come from central Texas (which I love as well), but Y’ALL, these SEASONS! It’s the most amazing thing and there’s never a shortage of activities to do all year round- skiing is my personal favorite, but we also have incredible bike/running trails and there is world-class art and culture (Georgia O’Keefe moved here for a reason and Flamenco is life here). Overall, it’s been an incredible adventure to live and learn here and I would do it all over again and again. Truly, it is the Land of Enchantment!