Kate Sawicki, DOSawicki outdoors

Medical School: Marian University

Hometown: Carmel, Indiana

Career Goals: General Pediatrics

Email: ksawicki@salud.unm.edu

Why UNM is My Choice for Residency: I knew I loved it here from my interview dinner. The residents were so friendly, well rested, and genuinely happy and excited to be training here. I also wanted a place to train that had plenty of good climbing, hiking, and skiing near by. This state has it all! The morning report room was also a huge plus. Giant floor to ceiling windows overlooking the mountains. Doesn't get much better than that!

Favorite Things About UNM: I love the friendly collaborative vibe in our pediatrics program. I always feel comfortable talking to all our attending and sub specialists when I'm needing support. I also am so grateful for the pathology we see here at UNM. We are the largest hospital in the state and get the BEST training because of it.

Favorite Things About NM: There is SO much good climbing in the area. Sport, bouldering, trad, etc. I love that I can get away and go climbing/camping somewhere beautiful even with a short weekend off. Another huge perk of NM is the weather. I never have to check my weather app since its always sunny!