Arpita Sinha, DO, MPH

Medical School: Touro University ‐ California

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Career Goals: Rural health, osteopathic medicine


Why UNM is My Choice for Residency: I fell in love with the people and the place. Albuquerque felt like home on interview day. The type of people that UNM attracts are intelligent, motivated, kind, culturally diverse - the kind that I wanted to be surrounded by. UNM has the academic environment that will allow me to learn "bread and butter" pediatrics while also solving the most unique medical mysteries of the Southwest, while also pursuing my research interests.

Favorite Things About UNM: 

- We get autonomy as senior residents in making medical decisions for the team
- Unusual medical cases are not uncommon here due to our unique and widespread population
- We get ample elective time as senior residents to pursue subjects that truly pique our interest
- Albuquerque is beautiful and I love that I can escape to some unusual outdoor destination in one weekend

Favorite Things About NM: NM is really the land of enchantment...and therefore entrapment. I come from California, which is naturally beautiful itself, but the landscape here in NM can be otherworldly. Albuquerque is in the center of the state, and therefore each corner of the state is easily accessible. I love to explore the outdoors - mostly hiking, biking and backpacking, and the fact that we are so central makes that easy. One weekend could be spent up in the forest, then the next in the desert and the next near a waterfall.