Prasanna Bastola, MDBastola at park

Medical School: Manipal College of Medical Sciences

Hometown: Nepal

Career Goals: General Pediatrics


Why UNM is My Choice for Residency: The day I landed in Albuquerque, I instantly sensed vibes that felt like home. The mountains, the warm weather, the adobe houses, and the spiciness in the food were exactly what I had experienced and enjoyed growing up in Nepal. I then met people from the program to whom I felt very connected and people who were happy doing what they were doing. There were no signs of fatigue or burn-out in any of the smiling faces and there was a genuine sense of satisfaction in their demeanor. I could perceive the same feeling of contentment in all the staff on the day of my interview. Hence, I returned home happy and my husband could instantly sense my decision for the rank order list. Since joining the program, I feel nothing but delighted. The fact that our program has both the best incorporation of teaching for continuing education and a variety of clinically challenging pathology that we see every day really stands out. I feel that these things, along with a great team of mentors and providers whom we learn from and work with, makes it a great place to train as a resident. I feel grateful every day working here and for finally getting to end my day with an astonishing view of the Sandias. This genuinely makes me believe in the fact that they call it a ‘match’ for the very same reason. 

Favorite Things About UNM: Highly qualified faculty members, well supported program, adequate autonomy on patient care.

Favorite Things About NM: 310 days of SUNSHINE!!, Experience of all 4 seasons, Balloon Fiesta, Green chillies with everything, Amazing hiking/biking trails