Brittney Letoureau, DO

Hometown: Plano, TX

Career Goals: Hospitalist

Why UNM: 

Favorite Things About UNM: I take a lot of pride in our program. I never thought I would feel most at home in ABQ after moving from the midwest, but the staff and residents here have really made me feel like this is home. Our program is structured in a way that teaches you to handle a large and medically diverse patient load. There is a lot of teaching that goes on, and I felt like a completely different person by the end of my intern year- I felt so confident and that I could take on any challenge!

Favorite Things About NM: I love having the mountains in the background of every jog I go on! It's just such a beautiful place to live. I love driving up to Taos for water rafting and visiting the hot water springs. There are about a dozen different unique places in New Mexico you can take a day trip to. Living here has been such an exciting adventure for my boyfriend and I!