Shauna Thariath, MD

Medical School: Saba University School of Medicine

Hometown: Edmonton, AB, Canada

Career Goals: Gen Peds, NBN, Adolescent


Why UNM is My Choice for Residency: UNM was the community hospital with all the benefits of a university setting. Staff, faculty and residents clearly loved the environment they worked in and were incredibly kind, attentive and positive. Now as a resident, I definitely made the right choice. The patient population is fascinating and I could not get a better experience anywhere else.

Favorite Things About UNM: There is a real focus on resident well being and supporting your academic goals. Life happens and our program will be there for you.

Favorite Things About NM: It is alway sunny in New Mexico ! There is always something to go check out, whether it be desert, mountains, hot springs, gorges we have got it. My particular favorite is the ABQ Biopark Botanic Garden. Boardgames and kickball have also recently topped the list.