Nate Kessler, DO

Medical School: Western University

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Career Goals: Peds ID, Adolescent Medicine, PICU, History PhD, Peds EM or Law school


Why UNM is My Choice for Residency: UNM was my first interview, although it wasn't on my radar when starting applications. What I discovered when I was here, along with the beautiful scenery and uniquely diverse culture of Albuquerque was that UNM really is a hidden gem. Usually when considering pediatrics programs I felt torn between choosing a community based program that had less specialty exposure and was usually in the shadow of a big academic center or choosing a big academic center that had excellent specialty exposure but was not rooted in the community. At UNM we truly have both. We are THE major children's hospital for the region so we get all the cool stuff, but we also have a robust community-based clinic where we provide primary care to those that need it most. Finally (and perhaps most importantly) the people here don't hate each other OR the program, which makes for a non-toxic work environment and a much more supportive learning environment.

Favorite Things About UNM: My favorite aspect of being a resident at UNM is the level of support I get. We work hard sure, but I cant think of a rotation I've been on where the seniors and faculty haven't spontaneously asked me what they can do to help or done things like offered to pick up my patients when I was behind. Perfect example: The other night I had to take 30 min to comfort and reassure a tearful mother who felt dismissed by several other (non-UNM) providers. Instead of getting on me for taking so long the attending picked up the next chart and saw the patient and then said I did the right thing. Thats the kind of support I get here.

Favorite Things About NM: Boy howdy am I glad I chose NM as a place to live in the times of COVID, I was happy before the pandemic but It really paid off now. NM is one of the most beautiful states when it comes to nature vistas (and that's saying something because I've lived my whole life in Washington and Oregon). If you can dream it, you can do it outside here. There are numerous expanses of open space with 30 min from Albuquerque that you can just go, get lost and enjoy beautiful mountain vies (just make sure to bring water!). You can have fun without leaving the city as well though. Albuquerque, in addition to being one of the most culturally diverse and interesting cities in the United States, is full of amazing restaurants, bakeries, and concert venues plus it has all the amenities you need from a major city without having to go even one town over. Also the house prices here are insanely good compared to where I came from. I was able to buy a pretty nice house here and my mortgage is less than my friend in Portland who rents a one bedroom apartment.