Jess Niles, DONiles with goat

Medical School: Pacific Northwest University

Hometown: Eugene, OR

Career Goals: General Pediatrics, possibly child abuse fellowship


Why UNM is My Choice for Residency: I had an incredible experience during my fourth year Sub-I and knew it was where I belonged. The residents were so down-to-earth and welcoming, and everyone I met was genuinely happy to be here. I knew I could work well with the residents, make friends, and be myself. The quality of the teaching was also a standout, I knew I'd leave residency well-trained and competent. UNM checked all my boxes: friendly authentic people, supportive high quality teaching, culture and history, sunshine, outdoor recreation.

Favorite Things About UNM: Besides the people, obviously...... Peds resident kickball league. Mata G vegetarian kitchen in the hospital cafeteria. The view from Tully. Proximity to the mountains.

Favorite Things About NM: Super enchanted by the land of enchantment : ) Like many of us, I love spending time outside. Skiing, mountain and road biking, rock climbing. I am also really into boring homesteading things like gardening, raising chickens, quilting, and food preservation.