Toni Rockholt-Smith, DORockholt-Smith outdoors

Medical School: Lincoln Memorial University

Hometown: Oregon, Wisconsin

Career Goals: NICU


Why UNM is My Choice for Residency: The program is great! All the attendings really want to help you learn and succeed and are very approachable. A ton of opportunities regardless of what your clinical interests might be. I also love the family atmosphere between all the residents. Everyone is so welcoming and I felt right at home as soon as I started. It was also a really great fit for my family as well.

Favorite Things About UNM: The family atmosphere and all the unique clinical opportunities.

Favorite Things About NM: My husband and I love to go hiking with our dog on my days off. So many places to go! We also love taking our 1967 Mustang for rides on Route 66 on the weekends. Also green chile :-)