Megan Schicktanz, DOSchicktanz with baby

Medical School: Rocky Vista University

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Career Goals: General/rural peds, hospital medicine, emergency medicine.


Why UNM is My Choice for Residency: I never got to do a rotation at UNM, but really felt a connection on my interview day. As far as program-related reasons, I had worked with multiple attendings in Colorado who graduated from UNM and were very happy with their education. On interview day, I learned about all the special experiences we have during adolescent medicine and PARC rotations. The curriculum of these rotations were unique and more innovative and involved than any other adolescent or outreach rotation I had heard about on the interview trail. It was also important to me that UNM is a good place to be a resident with children

Favorite Things About UNM: I love that my program cares about residents as human beings! I feel incredibly supported here. Whatever I want to pursue, whether it's research, outreach projects, or fellowships, I know that I can find the opportunity at UNM. Attendings here genuinely care about our educational experience.

Favorite Things About NM: I've always loved that NM is a blend of mountain and desert. Living in Albuquerque gives me very close access to the mountain activities I loved in Colorado (hiking, snowboarding, etc), while also having a climate that allows me to bike and run during more of the year (less cold, less snow in the city). My next favorite part of living in Albuquerque is definitely the food. I have yet to find a restaurant I don't like and you really can't beat the accessibility to amazing green chile.