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By UNM College of Pharmacy

Ukraine Statement

In support and solidarity with the independent and democratic nation of Ukraine


UNM College of Pharmacy Affiliates & Community Members

UNM College of Pharmacy - Diversity, Equity, Accessibility & Inclusion Committee

April 6, 2022

As an academic community, dedicated to the health and wellbeing of all people, we at The University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy stand with those across higher education in support and solidarity with the independent and democratic nation of Ukraine and all those who are being impacted.  Pharmacists, healthcare workers, and others are all in our thoughts as they dutifully respond out of their humanity to the physical needs of others.  Our hope for peaceful healing is with the people of Ukraine and neighboring communities suffering from warfare and destruction.  We care deeply for every individual to have the ability to express free speech and the freedom to engage in personal education for the betterment of themselves and humanity.

We deplore the actions of the Russian government and stand with the people whose sovereignty and basic human rights are being violated.  So much of human history is tainted by trauma associated with a failure to respect sovereignty, leaving many people to live with historical trauma and complex negative impacts that persist through generations.  Native people in New Mexico whose land was stolen and our African brothers and sisters whose ancestors were displaced, forced into slavery and exploited are specific examples of failure to respect sovereignty in the U.S.  Similarly, many ancestors of New Mexicans were from different countries and many first generations continue to arrive in this country as immigrants due to destructive events like that unfolding in the Ukraine today.  The University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy faculty, students, and staff stand in solidarity with all people affected by this horrific war and hope for an immediate ceasefire and restoration of peace.


On behalf of the UNM College of Pharmacy DEAI Committee,

Krista D. Salazar, PharmD, PhC
Committee Chair
DEAI Committee

Donald A. Godwin, PhD
Dean & Professor
UNM College of Pharmacy


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