Assessment Planning & Evaluation

The COPH AP&E team consists of practitioners and researchers with expertise in health assessment, program planning and evaluation, community-based participatory research, research design, qualitative and quantitative methods, and reporting and dissemination through both scientific and non-scientific venues.

The COPH academic program includes the Bachelor of Science in Population Health and the Master of Public Health. Both programs emphasize practical, service learning experiences. Undergraduate and graduate students are available to assist with contractual requirements.

Health, Safety & Psychosocial Organic Farming Survey Study

Factors that may compromise the health and safety of organic farmers differ from those of non-organic farmers. These differences go beyond the use of organic pesticides and organic inputs to include practices and psychosocial and contextual factors that may be unique to the organic farmer.  The overall aim of this study is to develop, validate and administer a comprehensive survey that identifies and typifies health and safety risks among organic producers in the SW Ag region, and provides information on the occupational, psychosocial, contextual factors that may contribute to injury and disease prevention. The Organic Farmers Safety, Health and Life survey study, is funded by NIOSH through the Southwest Center for Agricultural Health, Injury Prevention, and Education (SW Ag Center).

Funding Source: Southwest Center for Agricultural Health, Injury Prevention, and Education (SW Ag Center)

If you are a USDA Certified Organic Farmer in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana or Arkansas and would like to participant in this survey or have questions about the study, please contact our team.