New Mexico Cares
Health Disparities Center

MSC09 5040
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

FAX: (505) 272-8045

Research Core

Research Core (RC) Description:

The RC will provide scientific leadership and support for the NM CARES HD. The mission of this core is to support the Center researchers and community investigators and their collaborators in performing high quality research on translation and health disparities in the minority populations in New Mexico. The vision is to build a critical mass of independent investigators, working together to establish a sustainable center of excellence for studying and addressing health disparities. The broad goals of the RC are:
  1. to work with NM CARES HD investigators to apply theory-driven, valid measures of interventions in multiple levels of “environments” (e.g., individual, sociocultural, economic, health care, and policy/legal);
  2. to provide an infrastructure for efficient and accurate data management; methodological, statistical, translational, and evaluation support; and
  3. to interact with all NM CARES HD components/cores to help new investigators develop projects to comprehend how environmental stressors and strengths interact with marginalization and integration to predict host response and health outcomes.
To this aim, the RC is able to provide three levels of support for researchers and community investigators:
  1. Technical assistance
  2. Research Clusters
  3. Evaluation
  • Technical Assistance
  • Research Clusters
  • Evaluation
  • Forms
  • Research Core Faculty