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Types of OMI Reports

Report Request

Request Online or send request to:

Records Manager
NM Office of the Medical Investigator
MSC07 4040
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

Information required on the request letter

  • Date of request
  • Decedent's full legal name
  • Medical investigator number, if known
  • Date of death
  • Date of birth

Associated Fees

View the OMI Fee Schedule [PDF] for more information.

The central office is the record repository for all reports, investigative findings, slides and photography, and any other material gathered during a death investigation anywhere in the state.

The OMI generates the following documents:

  • Report of findings
  • Report of the medical examination (either an external examination report or the autopsy report)
  • Toxicology report

These reports, which comprise the results of the investigation as conducted and recorded by law, are submitted to the district attorney, the law enforcement agency responsible for investigating the death and the next of kin. We recommend that a staff pathologist review the report with the family, or that the family review the information with their physician.

All other report requests must be made in writing to our office, and there is a fee.

Since the OMI is a government-funded agency, certain public information and records are available to any person.

For more information on requesting documents from the OMI, contact the records manager at 505-272-3053.

The Death Certificate

The OMI is responsible for certifying a cause and manner of death in all cases falling within the jurisdiction of the office. Once signed, the death certificate is provided to the funeral home or the Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics for further action and filing. Copies of the death certificate are available through the funeral home used by the family or write to:

NM Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics
P. O. Box 26110
Santa Fe, NM 87502

Call 505-827-2338 for more information.


Photographic documentation is part of most OMI investigations. All film processing, cataloging, storage and duplication is managed by our office. Photographic materials are available for review by authorized individuals. All requests to purchase photographic materials must be prepaid. For more information on requesting photographic materials, contact the records manager at 505-272-3053.

More Info

The report of finding is a one-page report that contains the information listed on the death certificate. It's normally available 10 working days after the death certificate is released to the funeral home. The autopsy and toxicology reports may take up to 12 weeks before being released. However, every case is unique and it may take longer to complete the necessary reports.

Documents are provided to law enforcement, the district attorney, special government agencies and the hospital providing treatment at the time of death. A copy of the autopsy report, report of findings, and toxicology reports will be provided at no cost to the next of kin upon request.

New Mexico Mass Fatality Incident Plan

Read the OMI’s plan in case of a large-scale emergency.
• Mass Fatality Incident Plan [PDF]
• Activation of Plan Summary [PDF]