Unrestricted Accounting

MSC09 5222
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Physical Location:
1650 University Blvd NE
Second Floor, Suite 2700

Phone: (505)272-6266
Fax: (505)272-0159

Useful Information

Business Purpose Requirements - SARM Part III: Business purpose explanation.

Creating Journal Vouchers - What are journal vouchers, and how to create them.

HSC Cell Phone Program  - FY18 HSC Cell Phone Reimbursement Program Guidelines

Monthly Closing Schedule - Documents outlining the deadlines for transactions.

Payroll Schedule - UNM current and historical payroll schedules.

Tax Exempt Letter - Tax exemption notice for the University of New Mexico

Transfer versus Allocation: How to Tell - Section of SARM Part III dealing with movement of funds between programs.

Guide to Using 8045 - Guidelines for use of Account Code 8045 - Interdepartmental Support

F&A Excludable Account Codes

Procedures for Lost or Missing Receipt

Guidelines for Correcting Prior Year Transactions

When will Accounting review my document?