Sponsored Projects Office(SPO) / Preaward

Internal Forms & Proposal Procedures

Preaward Services, HSC, reviews all applications, proposals, contracts, and progress reports from UNMHSC faculty. The PI is responsible for providing information and submitting internal forms as needed.

As Needed

Proposal Stage

Depending on the submissions type the timeline to PreAward can be different from the standard 5 Business Days


  1. Proposal Data Sheet (PDS) signed by PI and Department Chair
    Understanding the PDS
  2. Complete Proposal, Application, or Progress Report (including budget) as to be sent to the sponsor.  For information on indirect cost rates (F&A cost rates), see
     UNM's Federally-Negotiated F&A Cost Rates , State, Local, VA, & IHS F&A Cost Rates,  and Industry-Sponsored CTA indirect cost rate.  For budget preparation, see the  Internal Budget Worksheet (optional budget tool. See also the  Worksheet Instruction Guide , Annualized Pay rate Conversion Table
  3. , FY 15 Average Compensation Increase for Proposal Pricing and , Ways to Estimate Fringe Benefits .
  4. Copies of sponsor's funding opportunity announcement and application instructions.
  5. HSC Internal F&A Split form
  6. HSC Main Campus F&A Split form

Just in Time Stage (NIH)

Not all applications require additional paperwork at this stage. However, a sponsor may request the following:


Award Stage

After a Notice of grant Award is received or a contract is signed by both the parties:

  • Award Budget Sheet (ABS)  - Upon opening this file you will receive a warning in Excel, please select "yes" to continue with opening the file.  This issue will be resolved as soon as possible.

As Needed

  • Adjustment to Budget Justification

Maintaining Federal Grants