HSC Office of Professionalism

MSC 09 5300
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

Phone: (505) 272-8711
Fax: (505) 272-3486


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The University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center promises:

  • To provide patients with the best clinical care possible.
  • To provide clinicians, faculty and staff with safe and supportive work environments to enable them to better serve patients and their family members. 
  • To provide trainees with learning environments that support the best training possible. 

The UNM HSC Office of Professionalism collaborates with individuals, programs and departments to help deliver on these promises. 

The Office of Professionalism

  • Works with UNM Hospitals clinicians and staff to improve the functioning of teams, assess problems when they arise and offer recommendations for improvement.
  • Works with UNM Hospitals Office of Quality Assurance to devise programs to improve the interactions between hospital employees and patients. 
  • Works with Undergraduate Medical Education, Student Affairs, Graduate Medical Education, Interprofessional Education, the Biomedical Research Education Program and the Colleges of Nursing and Pharmacy to improve the quality of educational interactions.