About the CNAH

Mission and Vision

The mission of UNM HSC Center for Native American Health (CNAH) is to deliver public health education, research, and service, aligned with principles of Indigenous core values and engagement in order to provide a healthy productive world for Indigenous people.

Engagement Principle

Promoting culturally-centered approaches to public health with Indigenous populations.


The University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center (UNM HSC) values community-based solutions for achieving health equity.

The CNAH promotes Indigenous well-being through education (including training and technical assistance), research for public health development, and service to the University and communities. CNAH's mission areas include:

  • Education - Expanding learners' capacities to weave multiple worldviews into the science and art of education.
  • Research - Engaging Indigenous leadership and knowledge in the discovery of local solutions.
  • Service - Promoting and practicing Indigenous values in service to communities and campus and creating pathways to Indigenous self-determination through social and programmatic innovations.