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Technical Assistance for Facilitation

norm-facilitate.jpgCNAH offers technical assistance in facilitating events including meetings, workshops, and conferences. Our team is trained in Technology of Participation (ToP) Facilitation including the Focused Conversation, Consensus Workshop, and Action Planning methods. We have assisted various organizations and programs by co-developing meeting agendas, engagement methods, and action planning strategies and have experience with Empowerment Evaluation approaches and community-based participatory research strategies.

Technology of Participation (ToP)

ToP is a world-renowned methodology that supports strong participation in large and small groups; weaves individual contributions, honors diversity of people’s opinions and backgrounds, and builds commitment to action. ToP methods have been used effectively by communities and organizations in over 40 countries and include the following:

  • The Focused Conversation Method—a common sense approach to conversation that leads naturally to a meaningful exchange of ideas
  • The Consensus Workshop Method—a structured process for making decisions, so engaging people are energized getting to consensus.
  • The Action Planning Method—practical steps that help groups plan, organize resources and build commitment.

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