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Community Health MPH Concentration

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Prepare for leadership roles in population-based disease prevention and health promotion. Choose the community health concentration for your Master of Public Health (MPH) degree at the University of New Mexico College of Population Health.

Why Study Community Health?

Focus your MPH studies on community health if you:

  • Want to promote social justice and equity in health
  • Have experience, education or interest in public health practice or research
  • Value diversity, self-reflection and critical analysis

What You'll Learn

The community health MPH concentration emphasizes:

  • Community needs and asset evaluation skills
  • Program planning, implementation and assessment
  • Policy development
  • Community-based public health disease prevention and health promotion

You'll gain skills and knowledge to plan, implement and evaluate public health programs. Your education will take the social-ecological approach, which explores how people and environments interact to affect behavior.

Requirements for Community Health Concentration

You must:
  • Take 19 credit hours of MPH core courses and at least 18 credit hours in graduate-level courses in public and community health.
  • Take two credit hours of a practical field experience (PH 598–Public Health Practicum) in a public health setting.
  • Complete at least three credit hours in one of the culminating experience options (professional paper, integrative experience or thesis and the oral master's examination). You'll show competencies in integrating community health perspectives.

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