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Connections Client on Pathways Example

My name is Rita

My son has asthma and we go to the emergency room (ER) frequently because I don't have a regular doctor for my son. I also have diabetes but don't see a doctor either.

One night my son had an asthma attack and I call 911, like I always do. This time the paramedic told me about Connections and how they can help me get a doctor for my son and I. The paramedic also said I can get help with finding a job and maybe even a place in a safer neighborhood. The ambulance took us to the ER and gave me the Connections number.

The next day I got a call from the Social Services liaison, just like the paramedic said, and we made an appointment. After talking to the Social Services liaison, I felt hopeful about improving our lives and I had a plan and support to do it!

Introduced to a Social Services Liaison

The paramedic that responded to my 911 call referred me to a Connections Social Services liaison. She asked about my recent emergency and other non-medical issues, like my family, and my environment.I told her what was going on with me and she told me she could help.

Evaluating Personal Challenges
I told my Social Services liaison that -

  • My son has asthma and his Medicaid ran out
  • I have diabetes and don't have insurance
  • I'm unemployed
  • I do not have a steady source of food to feed my son
  • We've been to the ER five times in the last year because of my son's asthma
  • I cannot afford to pay this month's utility bills
  • I am worried my son and I will be homeless

Pathways Steps Identified

My Social Services liaison helped me understand the health care system and the steps I needed to take to be able to access care. She also helped me sign up for public housing and contacted an organization that sometimes assists people with short-term utility payments. She also asked me about my work history, what skills I had, and if I needed help with a resume or filling out job applications.

Financial Assistance
When we figured out I was eligible for financial assistance, we filled out all the required paperwork to get me set up in the system and approved.

Health Appointments and Crossing Barriers to Get Service
My Social Services liaison helped me set up different health appointments. If I am across any barriers to getting service, she'd help me work through them. She taught me my rights and how to communicate effectively with service provider organizations. I used to be intimidated every time I walked into one of those places, but now I have more confidence.

Health Care Insurance and a Regular Provider
I finally have health insurance coverage. I also have my own provider who I've seen three times now at the same clinic. The staff and health care providers know me and I feel comfortable at the clinic.