Researcher Access to the Clinical Research Volunteer Registry

The CTSC Clinical Research Volunteer Registry (CRVR) is an online database of individuals who are interested in participating in clinical research. The database contains self-identified basic health information and contact details for volunteers who have consented to be contacted for future studies.

Investigators may request information for either healthy volunteers or those who have self-identified with a specific disease or condition. Studies must have IRB approval prior to requesting information on a subset of volunteers. Information on the requested subsets of volunteers is provided to UNM HSC Investigators free of charge.   

The process for using the CRVR is as follows:

  1. Investigator submits request form [PDF] to the CTSC Research Participant Advocate
  2. CTSC verifies IRB approval
  3. CRVR Database Manager performs query to identify potential participants
  4. List of potential participants and contact information is provided to Investigator
  5. Investigator contacts potential participants (note: It is the responsibility of the Investigator to verify that a potential participant is not currently enrolled in a study)

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