Participant Recruitment Service for Clinical Research

Achieving participant enrollment goals is essential to conducting successful clinical research, yet more than 80% of all clinical studies are delayed due to poor enrollment. CTSC’s Participant Clinical Interactions (PCI) is addressing this problem by creating a centralized service to facilitate the recruitment of potential research participants for CTSC clinical studies.

The PCI in collaboration with Biomedical Informatics is launching the Participant Recruitment Service (PRS), which is an "honest broker/honest contractor" service. The process will utilize the CTSC’s Clinical Data Warehouse for identification and recruitment of research participants from the University of New Mexico Hospitals while protecting the rights and welfare of the patients and research participants. This recruitment tool will enable investigators to broaden their search and enroll patients in IRB approved clinical trials more effectively.

The PCI will assume the large part of the burden of recruitment efforts, and ensure a higher success rate for subsequent contacts by your study coordinator. The PCI will assist investigators and their staff by identifying, contacting, and determining the interest of potential volunteers for your research study.

The PRS will be accessible to all researchers at UNM HSC on a fee for service basis. However, the PRS may not be an appropriate tool for all clinical trials. Participant Recruitment Services is currently being made available in a phased approach.

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