Senior Executive Officer - Finance & Administration

MSC09 5300
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Physical Location:
Health Sciences & Services Building, 3rd Floor
2500 Marble NE

Phone: (505) 272-5849

Senior Executive Officer for Finance & Administration

"..We will strive as an institution and as individuals to recognize, cultivate and promote all forms of diversity; to fully understand the health needs of our communities; and to advance clinical, academic, and research excellence..."HSC Values Statement

Message From Ava

Ava J. Lovell

Welcome to the Senior Executive for Finance & Administration home page. My office is responsible for developing and overseeing the budget process, finance and accounting, as well as sponsored projects/pre-award and ensuring best practices for general administration for the UNM Health Sciences Center. This collaborative effort supports not only the School of Medicine, and Colleges of Nursing and Pharmacy, but also Sandoval Regional Medical Center, HSLIC and a multitude of other UNM programs and initiatives that serve the state of New Mexico and beyond. We hold the responsibility of supporting the teaching, research, and health-oriented service missions for which the UNM Health Sciences Center is so known, as well as ensuring the financial sustainability and integrity of these missions.

Our responsibility is so profound and worthwhile that safeguarding the financial and administrative aspects are more of a social contract than a job duty. The Health Sciences Center produces world class research outcomes, quality cutting-edge patient care, and medical professionals who impact the World in immeasurable ways -- it is our duty to ensure they receive the highest quality education attainable.