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UNM Hospitals Board of Trustees Committees

Following are the meeting notices, agendas, and minutes of the UNMH Board of Trustees Committees.

Community Engagement Committee
09/13/19Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
08/09/19Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
July 2019No Meeting
June 2019No Meeting
05/10/19Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
04/12/19Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
03/08/19Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
02/08/19Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
01/11/19Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
12/07/18Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
11/09/18Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
10/12/18Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
09/14/18Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
08/10/18Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
07/13/18Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
06/08/18Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
05/11/18Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
04/13/18Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
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