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Maternity Care

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Learn how to successfully prepare yourself and your family for a new arrival.

photo of a mom and dad with thier newborn baby

For maternity care centered on you and your needs, choose UNM Health System. You;ll find compassionate care for your entire well-being as you enjoy the reward of bringing new life into the world.  

Personalized Pregnancy & Birth Experience

From your first prenatal care appointment to your newborn;s earliest weeks of life, you;ll get help achieving the maternity experience you envision. Choose a certified nurse-midwife, board-certified family medicine physician or board-certified obstetrician to provide guidance, support and medical care as you journey toward childbirth. 

When you;re ready for delivery at University of New Mexico Hospital (UNMH), take advantage of low-tech ways to help facilitate labor and make you more comfortable – such as getting into different positions and using inflatable birthing balls. You;ll also appreciate access to advanced technology and medical care if you or your baby needs them to stay safe and healthy.

Nitrous Oxide for Pain Relief

Prior to – or instead of – an epidural, you may be able to ease labor discomfort with nitrous oxide [PDF], a safe, odorless gas that you breathe through a mask before a contraction begins. You control this pain-relief option, which you;ll find at only a few hospital maternity care units in the country.

Gentle Cesarean Sections

Before a scheduled C-section, ask about a gentle Cesarean, which more closely resembles the vaginal birth experience and promotes mother-baby bonding. Your delivery team may:

  • Welcome a doula or adult family member into the room in addition to your partner for support.
  • Allow only essential medical staff in the operating room.
  • Play calming music and dim the lights.
  • Use clear drapes that let you see your baby being delivered.
  • Delay cord clamping to help your baby receive more of the placental blood.
  • Help you and your newborn enjoy skin-to-skin cuddling, whenever possible. 

Private, Spacious Rooms

After delivery, you and your healthy baby will rest, recover and bond in a private, comfortable room with plenty of space for your loved ones. Because UNMH is a designated Baby-Friendly hospital, trust us to support you in breast-feeding and in keeping your well newborn at your bedside so you can easily care for him or her. 

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