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Art Program

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For more information on the UNM Health Sciences Center Art Program and how to support it, contact Christina Fenton at 505-272-9700 or by email.

Studies have shown that art can be a powerful addition in the process of healing. Whether landscape paintings or stunning sculptures, art creates a sense of tranquility and provides an escape from the discomfort that can come with illness or rehabilitation.

UNM Health Art Program

The UNM Health Sciences Center Art Program was established in 1991 by Jonathan Abrams, MD, and former hospital administrator Thom Sloan. Over the years, gifts have helped our collection grow to more than 700 pieces valued at more than $1 million. None of this would be possible without the support of our community.

Major Gifts

Significant gifts to our collection have come from donors such as:

  • Romona Scholder
  • Ray Graham
  • Bruce Warren Davis
  • Horwitch family

Artists themselves have generously donated their work to the Art Program:

  • Garo Antreasian
  • Susan Linnell
  • Harry Nadler

Donating to the Art Program

Any work accepted into our collection may be tax deductible, based upon an item's appraised value and the advice of your tax consultant.

While we emphasize quality in our collection, we can accept works of art that may not be appropriate for our local museums, and therefore our gift and acquisition policy is quite liberal.
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