HSC Code of Ethics

The HSC Code of Ethics is currently under revision. We will post the newest version as soon as it is available. Please check this site periodically for the update.

From the Office of the Chancellor for Health Sciences

At the University of New Mexico Health Science Center we all remain committed to working together to better serve the people of New Mexico. The HSC has three missions, each critical to New Mexico. First, we are charged with educating the next generation of health care professionals. Second, we provide critical care to thousands of New Mexicans as the state’s only level one trauma center, stroke center, NIH-designated cancer center and pediatric emergency department regardless of economic or geographic circumstances. Our third mission is to continue to conduct research to address the health care needs of our community, state, nation and planet. We must accomplish our goals by adhering to the highest standards of professionalism.

As your Chancellor, I firmly believe that the key to maintaining our success lies in our devotion to ethical behavior at all times, under all circumstances in all our actions. Only then may we pass on to future generations a legacy of honor and achievement.

In most situations, making ethical decisions is easy. By asking yourself some simple questions, such as the ones listed below, you can make good choices.

  • Is it ethical?
  • Is it legal?
  • Does it comply with UNM’s policies and the Code of Ethics?
  • Would you feel good if your decision were reported in the media or communicated to management? Your peers? Your family?

If you answer “yes” to all of these questions, then the decision is probably appropriate. If you’re not sure, there are internal resources available to help you. One of those resources is this Code of Ethics.

The UNM Health Sciences Center Code of Ethics (the “Code”) is more than a policy. It is a handbook that will help you find answers to questions we ask every day. You will also find out who you can talk to if you need more help. Speak up if you see or suspect activity that violates the Code. It may seem easier to say nothing, but taking no action can have serious consequences.

As you read the Code, keep in mind that it applies to every member of the HSC community. Faculty, staff, vendors, students, and volunteers, and third-party affiliates will follow the standards outlined in the Code, whether they are affiliated with the School of Medicine, College of Pharmacy, College of Nursing, UNM Medical Group, UNM Cancer Center, UNM Hospital, Sandoval Regional Medical Center, or any other part of the UNM Health Sciences Center. That means that every person, regardless of his or her position, is held to the same standards. Each person who does not follow this Code is subject to the same consequences. Our communities and our state deserve the very best from us. We can make our institution a better place to work, a better place to learn, and a better place to receive care by acting ethically in every decision, every day.