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Anna Pentler
Executive Director
NM Immunization Coalition
Office for Community Health
UNM Health Sciences Center
MSC 09 5065
Albuquerque, NM

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School Kids Influenza Immunization Project (SKIIP)


School Kids Influenza Immunization Project 2018-2019

UNM HSC, NM Dept. of Health and public schools around New Mexico are partnering to provide influenza vaccine to school children at schools. Health Sciences students are encouraged to take advantage of this important public health opportunity to volunteer at these school clinics. By setting up processes to quickly immunize against influenza, we’ll protect our children and communities and be prepared to mobilize when pandemics strike.

Steps to become a SKIIP volunteer:

  1. Health Sciences students must complete HIPAA training and OSHA training for Bloodborne pathogens prior to volunteering for community health events
  2. Health Sciences students must complete training on how to administer vaccine. Your college can arrange an hands on, in person training through NMIC.
  3. Register with the NM MRC Serves to sign up as a volunteer after you complete SKIIP training. Click here to register
  4. Provide a copy of your background check approval letter to NMIC
  5. Fill out and sign a copy of the NMDOH Volunteer Agreement form and send to NMIC click here
  6. Be prepared and be enthusiastic for your volunteer experience!!!

Tools for School Nurses

This project is funded by the University of New Mexico, NM Department of Health, and the NM Immunization Coalition