Maxwell Museum of Anthropology
Orthodontics Case File System

For Former Patients of Dr. Economides

Dr. Economides donated his patient records to the Maxwell Museum with the hopes that they could be used to help other orthodontists with treatment plan decisions and for research. When the collection was donated to the Maxwell Museum, the Curator convened a group consisting of UNM Legal Counsel, a bioethicist from the UNM Center for Ethics, an administrative representative from the UNM Human Research Review Committee, and the UNM Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center. This group devised a plan to make a good faith effort to contact every patient represented by the collection of records to 1) notify them where there records are being transferred to, 2) provide instructions for who to contact if they would like remove their records from the Maxwell Museum. In addition, the group provided specific recommendations on how to insure the security of the records and the privacy for the patients the records represent.

The plan was approved by the UNM Human Research Review Committee (a committee of UNM researchers and community members not connected with the project, the Maxwell Museum, or the aforementioned group.)

Dr. Economides has kept approximately 1800 of the records for his most recent patients. So if you are a member of this group, you would not have received a notice that your records were being donated and they are still in the possession of Dr. Economides. We sent out notifications using the last good address contained in the records that were donated. It is possible that a notification was sent to you but at an old address. (Some of the records are over 30 years old.) Please contact the Curator of the Maxwell Museum if you would like to confirm whether your records are now housed at the Maxwell Museum.

If you were a patient of Dr. Economides and do not want your records to be used for research and training, contact the Curator of the Maxwell Museum and we will withdrawal them from the collection and return them to you promptly and without charge.

See the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about how the records are stored and how to access them.