Institute for Resilience, Health and Justice


The University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center Institute for Resilience, Health and Justice (IRHJ) will promote initiatives with Health Sciences Center, UNM School of Law, and UNM entities and collaborate with community partners where New Mexicans encounter the crossroads of justice and health. It will focus on the promotion of resilience and the prevention of adverse events among the citizens of New Mexico to achieve more progress in health and health equity than any other state by 2025.


The mission of the Institute is to identify and promote factors of resilience among all New Mexicans that lead to better health and justice equity. The Institute will advance collaborative health and justice practices drawing on innate and developed resilience that affect the most important areas of human well being with a focus on the issues of disparate health and justice outcomes in our communities. 

To realize its vision and mission, the IRHJ will:

  1. Improve health, health care, equity and justice to the populations of New Mexico with community-wide solutions that incorporate resilience.
  2. Enhance the health and legal workforce of New Mexico by providing a premier education and transformative experience that prepares learners to apply advances for the improvement of health and justice.
  3. Foster innovation, discovery and creativity; and translate our research and discoveries into clinical or educational practice.
  4. Nurture and embrace an environment of diversity, integrity, collaboration and transparency.

Comprehensive Engagement to Develop Enhanced Resilient OutComes (CENDERO)

Pathway to Coordination of Care