Mission, Vision & Values

We advance the health of all New Mexicans by:

  • EDUCATING and increasing the diversity of health professionals, leaders and scientists
  • PROVIDING outstanding and compassionate medical care
  • ADVOCATING for the health of all New Mexicans and
  • PURSUING new knowledge and excellence of practice.

Our vision is to be a transformative community where

  • Students become leaders in the delivery of excellent and compassionate health care, partners in the crafting of health policy, and champions of public health
  • Leaders are lifelong learners
  • Knowledge and discovery encompass the human experience and are applied to healing and promoting the well-being of our state’s people
  • Scientists, health care providers, and the public collaborate to translate research into real health benefits and
  • Achieving health and health care equality is a common goal and
  • Diversity is our foremost strength.

We commit to these core values in our decision-making, the prioritization of resources and fulfillment of our mission:

  • EXCELLENCE & ACCOUNTABILITY in the conduct of education, research, patient care and community engagement
  • COMPASSION in patient care and for the lives and conditions of all New Mexico's people
  • DIVERSITY that values the unique characteristics of all people and that is actively sought at all levels within our academic community
  • INTEGRITY, PROFESSIONALISM & ETHICAL BEHAVIOR that embodies the principles of altruism, beneficence and justice; promotes patient care, learning, research and productivity through relationships based on courtesy, civility and respectful communication; and is worthy of the trust and respect given to us as teachers, scholars and healers
  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY demonstrated by discovery and teaching about the social, economic, and cultural contexts of New Mexico peoples health; commitment to health promotion and disease prevention; and by self-evaluation of the access to and quality and distribution of our health care professionals and services
  • CREATIVITY & INNOVATION that translates biomedical research into individual and community health benefits and medical education into population health literacy, that accelerates health technology diffusion to all corners of the state, and that transforms the science of clinical care into a healing art and the integration of academic and local knowledge into an improved quality of life for all New Mexico people