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The entire UNM Health Sciences Center (HSC) community uses an email program called "HSCLink."  Employees are given an HSCLink email account which will remain active until they leave the institution.

Email addresses in HSCLink are created on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week following the date when the user's HSC NetID is created.

Secure email is a system component that allows you to securely send and receive messages containing ePHI and other types of confidential information. Within this tool, secure email protects messages in transit over the Internet. Recipients of encrypted confidential email must maintain the security of the information by storing it in approved areas and forwarding it only to authorized recipients using the encrypted reply or forward option. External recipients can also use secure email to safely send reply messages back to the HSC sender.

HSC users who send ePHI and other confidential information using secure email should exercise good security awareness and send only the minimum necessary amount of information to authorized recipients. Secure email is just one part of the HSC’s IT security program, which consists of policies, security strategies and a work plan, in support of the HSC’s missions. Security awareness and good security practices, along with technical tools like this one, can help ensure public trust and confidence in the security of the HSC’s information systems.

How it Works

Adding *secure* anywhere in the subject line tells the email system to encrypt your message.External Recipient:

If your message is addressed to someone outside of the HSC email system, the recipient will be required to register his or her email address with the Cisco Registered Envelope Service (CRES) and create a password to use to unlock this message and future messages sent securely. The recipient can then reply securely using the reply button available on the secure message.

Secure Email Tutorial

Internal Recipient:

If your message is addressed to someone within the HSC system, the message will be delivered normally.

UNM Main Campus Recipient:

If your message is addressed to a person on main campus ( using an Office 365 exchange account, they will need to follow a different process to access the secure message. Please have them follow these instructions.

Secure Email for UNM Users
Because certain types of email attachments pose a significant risk to HSC users, those email messages, along with their attachments, are automatically blocked by the email system. Common attachments that are blocked have extensions such as .exe, .cmd, .bat, .vbs or .zip. These are just some examples and are not the only attachments blocked by the email system.