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Contract & Grant Q & A

 Below, we answer some of the most common questions regarding contracts & grants.

If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact Stacy Bigbie at SCatanach@salud.unm.edu or by phone at (505) 272-9448.

These Q&As are specific to Contracts & Grants, if you have more generalized questions, please visit our general Q&A section.

How Do I Submit Grants To The Department Of Energy (DOE) Electronically?

Department of Energy Grants Electronic Submissions

Go to https://pamspublic.science.energy.gov/webpamsepsexternal/login.aspx

Register using the following:

Company Name: University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center

Business Unit: Financial Services/PreAward

Type of Ownership: Educational or Nonprofit

DUNS number: 868853094

DUNS + 4: leave blank

Grants.gov Applicant: Yes

DOE Tracking Number: ER06-10-94342

Grant Tracking Number: GRANT00098820

Street/PO Address: 1 University of New Mexico

Street/PO Address: MSC09 5220 Financial Services/PreAward

Country: USA

City/State/Zip: Albuquerque NM 87131

Contact Information (PreAward is the Official Contact)

First Name: Stacy

Last Name: Bigbie

Email AddressHSC-PreAward@salud.unm.edu

Phone: 505-272-6264

Password: Make up and retain your password

DOE Electronic Grant Proposals are submitted through Grants.gov web site. Registration with DOE will allow you to access your application and receive updates. The DOE Help desk can be emailed at helpdesk@pr.doe.gov or call 1-800-683-0751.

DOE requires that the Authorized Institutional Business Officer submit the grant. This is the PreAward Office. Only PreAward can submit a grant proposal on behalf of UNMHSC.

To Apply

  • Go to Grants.gov, and search by agency for "US Department of Energy".
  • Select the application you wish to apply for (make sure you are before the due date). Click the "How to Apply" button.
    • (Most application will require you to have the free software package "PureEdge" pre-loaded on your computer. This is the same software NIH uses, so you may already have it; if not download.)
  • Then go to Instructions and Applications, and click "Download." Download the Instructions (VERY IMPORTANT) & the Application Package.
  • Fill out the application filing name (in the Yellow Box) and then immediately SAVE to your computer to complete working.
  • Complete the 424R&R forms according to the Application Instructions. (The 424R&R are the same forms NIH uses. PreAward offers a lecture and lab on NIHs 424R&R through Learning Central.)
  • When completed, email the Pure Edge file to HSC-PreAward@salud.unm.edu and submit your Proposal Stage paper package to Pre-Award, a minimum of 5 business days prior to the due date. Everything must be in final form and ready to transmit.
  • Pre-Award will review and comment if questions. If there are no questions Pre-Award will submit the proposal via Grants.gov electronic portal.

How Do I Submit Grants To DARPA?

The most important thing to know when submitting to DARPA is the PI must create a separate account for each BAA he/she is replying to and per the web site itself, accounts are only issued to the Technical/Principal Investigator.

Proposals are created in two volumes and must be encrypted, per DARPA instructions. After the proposal is submitted (by the PI), PI receives an Email that says the account has been deactivated.

Please work with HSC Pre Award personnel to ensure the proposal is reviewed and approved before submission.

DARPA has a new submission web site: https://www.tfims.darpa.mil/baa/

How Do I Submit Grants To The McCune Foundation?

The local office for the McCune Foundation is in Santa Fe NM, click here to view the location in Google Maps.

To Apply, go to: http://www.nmmccune.org/

How to Apply:

  • Click on the application link.
  • Answer questions regarding the organization's non-profit status and the geographic location of the project.
    • UNMHSC is a public school / governmental agency
  • Create or use the organization's existing user account by entering a User ID (your email address) and Password of your choosing.
    • Enter email: HSC-PreAward@salud.unm.edu 
    • Password: FSDPREAWARD
  • Enter the applicant organization's Federal ID number or EIN.
    • UNM’s Tax number is 856000642
  • Complete the information requested including contact information, request amount, project budget, organization annual budget, project description, and board information. To see a sample of the application, click hereThe Foundation only accepts one request per organization; therefore, if you want to apply for more than one project, set that information out in the Project Description area in the form of a menu.
  • When you have entered all this information, click the "Review & Submit" button. If you cannot complete the application for any reason, click the "Save & Finish Later" button. You may return to the application via the User ID and Password described above. Once you submit an application it can no longer be accessed and altered online.
  • Once your application has been submitted you will receive a confirmation via email (address used for the User ID) that your application has been received.

The Email will arrive in Pre-Award and be filed in your folder. Pre-Award will email a copy to the PI for their records.

How Do I Submit A HRSA Non-Competing Continuation?

It is mandatory to follow the instructions provided in this section to ensure that your application can be printed efficiently and consistently for review.

Failure to follow the instructions may make your application non-compliant. Non-compliant non-competing applications will have to be resubmitted to comply with the instructions.

For electronic submissions no table of contents is required. HRSA will construct an electronic table of contents in the order specified.

Following is the process for submitting a non-competing continuation application through Grants.gov:

  • HRSA will communicate non-competing announcement number to the project director (PD) and authorizing official (AO) via email. The announcement number will be required to search for the announcement in Grants.gov.
  • Search for the announcement in Grants.gov (http://www.grants.gov/web/grants/search-grants.html).
  • Download the application package and instructions from Grants.gov. The program guidance is also part of the instructions that must be downloaded.  Please note:  The application package and instructions is specific to the announcement and each application will have different forms and requirements. HRSA uses two standard packages from Grants.govSF424 R&R for Training Programs & SF424 for All Other Programs
  • Save a local copy of the application package on your computer and complete all the forms based on the instructions provided in the program guidance.
  • Refer to the Application Format chart for specific instructions on what is required and what is optional to submit through Grants.gov (see next page for example).  This chart is a “cheat sheet” that provides a list of the documents, instructions and page limitations.  The next 3-4 pages (after the Application Format chart) of your HRSA Program Guidance will provide more specific instructions.

Application Section


Form Type




HRSA/Program Guidelines


Application for Federal Assistance (SF-424)


Pages 1, 2 & 3 of the SF 424 face page.

Not counted in the page limit

Project Summary/Abstract


Can be uploaded on page 2 of SF 424 - Box 15

Required attachment. Counted in the page limit. Refer   guidance for detailed instructions. Provide table of contents for this   document

Additional Congressional District



Can be uploaded on page 2 of SF 424 - Box 16

If applicable; not counted in the page limit.

HHS Checklist Form PHS-5161



Pages 1 & 2 of the HHS checklist.

Not counted in the page limit


After successful submission of the above forms in Grants.gov, and subsequent processing by HRSA, you will be notified by HRSA confirming the successful receipt of your application and requiring the Project Director and Authorizing Official to review and submit additional information in HRSA EHBs. Your application will not be considered submitted unless you review the information submitted through Grants.gov and enter and submit the additional information required through HRSA’s EHBs. Refer to the HRSA Electronic Submission Guide provided in Appendix A, Section 2 of this guidance for the complete process and instructions.

Note the following specific information related to your submission.  Understand that for your non-competitive continuation application, only the forms mentioned in the Table of Contents listed above are submitted through Grants.gov.  All supplemental information will be submitted through the HRSA EHBs.

  • On the Grants.gov application the first page will be pre-filled.  The only field required is highlighted in yellow and is titled “Applicant Filing Name”.  This will be the title of your project.
  • Notice there are four boxes with, 1) Mandatory Documents, 2) Mandatory Completed Documents for Submission, 3) Optional Document, and 4) Optional Completed Documents for Submission.
  • To open the forms, highlight the form you want to work on and click on the “Open Form” box beneath the list of documents.
  • Once each mandatory document is completed it should be moved over to the box on the right side of the page.  YOU WILL ALSO WANT TO SAVE THE APPLICATION!

 SF424 Form

  • Open the Application for Federal Assistance (SF424).  See Page 1 below
  • You will fill in the yellow highlighted areas and navigate through each page using the “Next” button at the top.
  • Once all pages are complete, close the form and you will be take back to the first page of the application.  SAVE THE APPLICATION and move the form to the “Mandatory Completed Documents for



Federal Award Identifier

This is your 10 digit grant   number from your latest NGA.


Legal Name

University of New Mexico,   Health Sciences Center



856000642 (Do not use spaces   or dashes)


Organizational DUNS



Name & Contact Information

This will be information for   Stacy Bigbie.


Executive Order 12372?

Check “Program is not covered   by E.O.12372.


Authorized Representative

This will be information for   your PreAward person.


  • On the Grants.gov application, you will also need to fill out the HHS Checklist PHS 5161.




Date for all is 7/01/1963


Business Official

Stacy Bigbie


Applicant Organization’s 12   digit DHHS EIN

This field is at the bottom of   the page and is red.  This should   pre-fill from the SF424.


  • Submit the application package through Grants.gov. (This step will be done by your Pre-Award Contract & Grants Administrator).
  • Your Pre-Award Contract & Grants Administrator will track the status of your submitted application at Grants.gov (4 separate e-mails) until notification is received that your application has been received by HRSA.
  • HRSA Electronic Handbooks (EHBs) software pulls the application information into EHBs and validates the data against HRSA’s business rules.
  • Once HRSA has validated the data, an Electronic Handbook will be generated and you will receive an e-mail notification the handbook is available for you to access.  This will be the only e-mail the PI will receive; the other notification e-mails will be received at the PreAward office.
  • Registration within HRSA EHBs will need to be completed and is a two step process:
    • Create an individual account for yourself. This account should not be shared with any other user.  Project Directors (i.e., PI’s) will need to check off the Other Employee field.
    • Affiliate your account to your organization record by indicating the Grant Number (box 4b from the latest NGA).  Existing grantees must not create new organization records. Each account can only be associated with one      organization.
  • You will need to notify your Pre-Award Contract & Grants Administrator you have received this e-mail notification and completed the registration.  Your Pre-Award Contract & Grants Administrator will need to request access to your particular handbook.
  • A second e-mail will be sent notifying you that your Pre-Award Contract and Grants Administrator is requesting access.  You will need to log into the handbook.
  • There will be a box on the left hand side of the screen once you have logged into the EHB website titled “Home”.  Click on the link Manage/Add User (?),  You can now chose your Pre-Award Contract & Grants Administrator to have access to your profile.  Remember:  You will need to give your Pre-Award Contract & Grants Administrator access to all viewing/updating functions.