Office of Interprofessional Education

MSC 11 6055
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

Physical Location:
SURGE Building (#226)
Suite 140, Room 151A (first floor)

Phone: (505) 272-1613

UNM Health Sciences Center Interprofessional Education

The Office of Interprofessional Education at UNM’s Health Sciences Center had its start in 2009.  A team of dedicated faculty from the various schools and programs came together to establish interprofessional education opportunities at UNM/HSC and formed the HSC IPE committee. This committee worked with the IPE Director to develop interprofessional events and courses for students to learn about, from and with each other while providing collaborative patient care. In 2012, the IPE team, consisting of the Director and coordinators from the Colleges of Nursing and Pharmacy and the School of Medicine and the Health Professions and Public Health Programs was formed. The team then traveled to universities with existing IPE programs and garnered specialized training in the principles of interprofessional education and collaborative practices using the best available models for IPE.

The IPE team offers educational workshops periodically for faculty development and coordinates the curriculum work groups who are currently developing IPE curricula in collaboration with the various schools, colleges, and programs across the UNM Health Sciences Center. 

The IPE team engages with UNM Hospitals, as well as various community sites, to provide learning opportunities for interprofessional collaborative practice. To inform a broader audience about IPE, you may contact the IPE office to request members of the team to come and present a brief introductory overview through the “IPE: On-the-Road Show.”  Members of the IPE team are also available to participate in Grand Rounds and QuickStart to further promote awareness about IPE. The IPE team stays abreast of the evolving IPE/IPC exemplars by continued immersion with IPE and by presenting at national and global interprofessional education conferences