Office of Interprofessional Education

MSC 11 6055
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

Physical Location:
SURGE Building (#226)
Suite 140, Room 151A (first floor)

Phone: (505) 272-1613

IPE Ethics and Professionalism

The IPE office is eager to have an interprofessional ethics and professionalism course.  Having an opportunity to expose HSC students to our respective codes of ethics and also impart a deep and mutual respect for human dignity will benefit effective health collaborations and overall patient treatment and quality of care.  The IPE team welcomes those interested in forming an HSC task force to delineate the content for this subject.  There is already a collection of 'common IPE topics' gathered from all the HSC health disciplines (refer to the sidebar for Common IPE Topics).   

Background:  An ethics and professionalism working group formed during the summer of 2014.  They began by reviewing the Ethics Certificate Program that was offered in the past by the Institute for Ethics.  The program studied the difference between ethics and morals, and the role of the various professional ethics.  Some of the ensuing topics included:  End of life, the law, culture, spirituality, environmental ethics, and abortion, as well as regular presentations on the topic of values-based decision making.  The Institute held a seminar in ethics and values, and also collaborated with the UNM School of Law on a two credit hour course titled “Analysis of Professionalism”, where the students were educated about ethical models and then were challenged with working through several ethical dilemmas as a team.