Office of Interprofessional Education

MSC 11 6055
1 University of New Mexico
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Physical Location:
SURGE Building (#226)
Suite 140, Room 151A (first floor)

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IPE Health Policy


In 2014, an initial Health Policy working group had thoughts of developing a curriculum around the concepts for understanding and navigating the health system and how to influence the health system through health policy.  Their ideas included teaching students to understand elusive elements of the health system such as--how does Medicare and Medicaid work, what happens to the hospitals and clinics, what are the policy issues across the professions.  They envisioned having the professions look at each other’s practice acts, and what the roles are related to regulations and laws, and how that might impact each other.  Quality and safety is equally important from a policy issue.  The other part of policy is developing advocacy and helping students present advocacy positions depending on who their audience is—how would you advocate to a legislature, to a newspaper, to your dean, to the hospital, etc. depending on the issue.  Teamwork and communication then is really important, and another competency is data collection in order to provide accurate research.