Office of Interprofessional Education

MSC 11 6055
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

Physical Location:
SURGE Building (#226)
Suite 140, Room 151A (first floor)

Phone: (505) 272-1613

IPE Patient Safety and Quality Improvement

LoboWings Patient Safety Training

The IPE patient safety and quality working group coordinates the instruction of this UNM Hospital training program to interprofessional teams of HSC students. It is modeled after Crew Resource Management techniques similar to those used in airline safety programs. The model is based on effective, efficient teamwork designed to decrease error. No matter where you are or what part of the team that you are on, if there’s a safety issue, you need to communicate that.  It is a half-day session where students go through course content and communication exercises so everybody feels comfortable and has learned several tools to build confidence to speak up in order to protect patient safety. Implementation of this training for all hospital employees has resulted in a dramatic decrease in hospital related errors as well as improvement in employee satisfaction.  One important focus of this endeavor is to assess student attitudes toward the importance of teamwork as critical in addressing patient safety and quality.

Root Cause Analysis and Disclosure Training

An interprofessional faculty team is currently working in conjunction with hospital staff to develop training on root cause analysis and will also provide instruction on disclosure--how to deliver sensitive news to the patient and family members following a sentinel event. This training will be geared to the immersion and entry-to-practice level students.