HSC Ethics

Welcome to the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center Ethics. The institute serves as a center for ethics education, service and scholarship at a local, regional and national level.

What We Do

  • We engage with the general public, hospital patients and staff to help provide consultations and guidance for day-to-day health care inquiries.
  • We serve in both professional and public capacities to help patients and families understand options, choices, and decisions within a health care setting.
  • We support education programs, and we seek to continually advance ethics as a whole through research, counsel, and raising awareness.

Who We Serve

HSC Ethics provides advice to health care providers, researchers and to state leaders; educational opportunities to HSC faculty and learners; and information to patients, families, and the community.

Support HSC Ethics

HSC Ethics Fund helps facilitate awards, training and meetings. We host conference speakers, seminars and retreats. The fund provides equipment, scholarships, travel and program assistance. Your donation supports our mission and helps improve lives in our communities.