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Undergraduate Internships

Undergraduates at the Albuquerque and CNM campus benefit from closely with a nurse preceptor, perfecting skills, and experiencing the vivid daily realities of working in this challenging and rewarding profession. Explore a specialty, develop professionalism, and practice communication and collaboration skills; the transition from school to career will be easier!

Interns provide nursing care under the direct supervision of an RN preceptor. The courses concentrate on the professional nursing role, specifically professional communications that are useful for interns. The grade is dependent on participation and meeting professional standards.

To be an intern, you must be:

  1. A student in good academic standing at the UNM College of Nursing.
  2. A Level 4 or 5 UNM BSN student, or Level 5 (only) CNM/UNM dual degree students.
  3. Hired as an intern by UNMH and complete all required items as defined by the hospital.
  4. Available to work a certain number of shifts per week/month/semester. Requirements are dictated by UNMH.
  5. Enrolled in the Nurse Intern Professional Knowledge Development course (N421 for level 4 students, N422 for level 5 students).
  6. Student must be available to work a certain number of shifts per week/month/semester.  Requirements are dictated by UNMH.

How do I apply?

Apply for an intern position at: UNM Hospitals

For information regarding the application and hiring process, or to inquire about hiring units, please contact Karim Kassam

For information regarding eligibility and the internship course, please contact Marisa Francis.