Residency Didactics

UNM’s Anesthesiology residency program includes a comprehensive curriculum of conferences, lectures and workshops, including:

Departmental Conferences

Grand Rounds
Held on Friday mornings, these sessions are presented to the entire department to update all providers on the latest evidence-based best practices.

Morbidity and Mortality Conferences
Experts present interesting cases with significant morbidity or mortality related to anesthesia management. Both residents and faculty are encouraged to participate.

Case Conferences
This presentation and discussion format focuses on practice-based learning discussions. Interesting cases serve as a basis of starting discussion.

Visiting Professors
Leading physicians from other institutions around the country and other departments visit our campus to present topics of interest. Residents get diverse educational perspectives.


Resident Lecture Series
We offer an advanced and basic science core curriculum which is organized to prepare the resident for the ABA standardized exams. This two-year structured series is a team effort between one resident and one attending. The first Friday of the month session also includes POCUS training and TEE training.

Pediatric Lecture Series
Held every Monday from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m., this lecture series is given by the pediatric faculty, fellows and rotating residents on the pediatric rotation. Lectures cover many topics of pediatric anesthesiology.

Mock Oral Sessions
These meetings provide time for residents to prepare for their board examination through mock oral sessions held with experienced faculty.

Journal Club
Each CA1 resident and CA2 resident is required to host a journal club with faculty member oversight. Sessions emphasize current controversial topics with the information presented from recent anesthesiology journals.