Center for Disaster Medicine

At the University of New Mexico Center for Disaster Medicine we believe that preparing for and responding to disasters is the responsibility of the whole community. Since 1989, CDM has supported community disaster preparedness through applied disaster research, healthcare disaster planning, emergency preparedness training for responders, and disaster field services. The Center for Disaster Medicine is part of the Division of Prehospital, Austere and Disaster Medicine.

Our Center helped establish one of the first Disaster Medical Assistance Teams in the nation (NM-1 DMAT) which has been a leader in national disaster response for more than 30 years through the National Disaster Medical System. We also established one of the first volunteer Medical Reserve Corps units, which serves the needs of New Mexico in partnership with hospitals and the New Mexico Department of Health.  The Center for Disaster Medicine participates in disaster preparedness at the University of New Mexico through our support of disaster mitigation planning, the Campus Community Emergency Response Team (CCERT), and the UNM Hospital Emergency Response Team (UHERT). 

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National Disaster Medical System

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