Center for Law Enforcement Operational Medicine

The Center for Law Enforcement Operational Medicine exists in the Division of Prehospital, Austere, and Disaster Medicine within the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University Of New Mexico School Of Medicine. The Center strives to provide close medical support and operational sustainment for law enforcement operations in the Albuquerque Metro area and throughout the state of New Mexico. Through contributions to the education, training, research, and policy development in the field of Law Enforcement medical support the Center for Law Enforcement Operational Medicine aims to improve the delivery of care to and education for medical needs in all areas of law enforcement activities at the local, state, and national levels

Through collaborations with many law enforcement agency partners in New Mexico, our specialized group of physicians and paramedics provides close tactical medical support and education across the broad spectrum of law enforcement work. Those areas include SWAT operations, emergency response team (ERT) deployments, law enforcement aviation operations including SAR/hoist/patrol, medical education for LEOs, and other areas. 

Fellows pursuing a concentration in Law Enforcement operational medicine will be provided the necessary training, operational experiences, and medical knowledge to fully support any LE agency or specialty unit as a LE medical support physician.  

UNM EMS Fellows may pursue a concentration in law enforcement medical support and tactical operations with the Center for Law Enforcement Operational Medicine.  Fellows will work closely with Center faculty mentors in all areas of field support and medical direction of law enforcement special operations and tactical medicine programs with our partner agencies.

Visiting rotations in law enforcement medicine are available for interested residents or EMS Fellows. Those interested are encouraged to contact Dr. Harrell directly at for further information.