Residency Curriculum

Our residency director has a masters degree in education and a strong passion for creating and improving educational curriculums.

Clinically, we make sure that all trainees meet requirements to be board eligible in child neurology and pediatrics but also that they have the clinical and classroom experiences to ensure that they feel confident and prepared to take boards.

Our program wants to be on the forefront for innovative educational approaches and is working on several new programs to help our residents have new and interesting ways to engage in child neurology clinical work.

Clinical Curriculum

Child neurology clinical curriculums are more similar than different to meet the detailed requirements of the ACGME. In brief, residents will fulfill requirements in adult neurology, child neurology, the continuity clinic, and classroom didactics.

We’re happy to have prospective applicants join our case conferences, as this is a primary focus of our child neurology education sessions. If interested, please email our program director.

Residents will fulfill 12 months of clinical training in adult neurology according to the following segmentation.

  • Inpatient adult neurology, 6 months: consult, primary inpatient service, neurovascular/stroke, epilepsy
  • Outpatient adult neurology, 3 months: various subspecialties to match with the interests and needs of the resident
  • Adult neurology electives, 3 months: Most residents choose neuroradiology, neuropathology, and EEG reading.

During these 24 months of child neurology training, residents will work on our inpatient/consult service, outpatient clinics, and electives. The program director will work with each resident to help them select electives that will meet their interests and needs or create a new elective if appropriate.

Residents will manage their own clinic schedule for one half-day of child neurology clinic throughout their PGY-3 through PGY-5 years.

Our child neurology residents take home call for child neurology from UNM Hospital. Residents have the option to take adult call but it is not required. Our faculty take referrals by phone from other hospitals.

During the two preliminary years of pediatrics, residents fulfill in-house call duties. Attending physicians are always available to talk through calls with residents.

We share classroom didactics with adult neurology residents since the boards for adult and child neurology are more similar than different. In addition to general topics of clinical and scientific interest and board specific topics, we also have special sessions for neuroanatomy, neuroradiology, quality improvement, morbidity and mortality, child neurology case conferences and journal club.

We Invite You to Case Conferences

Prospective applicants are welcome to join our case conferences. Experience our program through this key component of our child neurology education sessions. Contact our program director, Jimmy Reese, if you are interested.